How to Build Your Small Business Using Content Marketing

Written by on June 4, 2018

How to Build Your Small Business Using Content Marketing

Content marketing is known to be a dynamic online marketing approach that could boost the market presence of a brand or business. Nevertheless, it is noted that small businesses seem to be slow in embracing content marketing strategies while corporate marketers seem to be reaping great success using these strategies.

Small Businesses and Content Marketing

As Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices evolve rapidly over time, it is now impossible for small businesses to ignore the dynamics of content marketing to stay relevant in a competitive marketplace. This means smaller businesses need to apply various content marketing approaches to have a fighting chance in the market against the bigger and more established players.

Small businesses may need to include eBooks and comparison guides as well as how-to content that would attract targeted audiences to their stores. Learning to more effectively attract the right buyers into your business means you can make more money for a lot less marketing expense. You get more bang for your buck so to speak.

content marketingContent marketing could be outsourced if the small business owner feels incapable of handling the dynamics of this marketing strategy. The market has many experienced and skilled content marketers or companies that offer professional content management services; some of which are executed in-house where creative marketing ideas flow freely with engaging content to attract the target markets.

Here are 4 amazing tips on content marketing that can be applied by business owners and marketers and that can effectively change their market position.

Tip 1 – Develop a Calendar

One amazing content marketing strategy for small businesses is to develop a calendar that would allow you to properly execute your content marketing strategy. Creating a calendar will ensure timely content creation and it will help you be more consistent with publishing your content on your website.

Many small business owners and marketers tend to overlook or neglect this simple method for dynamic and successful content creation. More than half of content marketers voiced concern that content creation could be very time consuming. Creating a content strategy calendar helps keep the project on time and eliminates some of the overwhelm many people feel.

Many small businesses have proven that developing and executing a calendar for content scheduling on a regular basis is essential in ensuring their success. When time must be allocated for product research and brainstorming, having a calendar allows for better execution and implementation.

Tip 2 – Discover Workable Deals

Before a scavenger hunt for content is executed, business owners and marketers should understand the features of content marketing. This could be evaluated by researching other websites and small businesses in your particular market area. Checking out what your competition is doing is a great way to get ideas for your business.

Business owners and marketers could consider utilizing Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics for checking the traffic and web pages visited as well as responses to queries. They can identify which content is most viable while identifying the right keywords used by web site visitors in searching for contents online. There are numerous tools which could offer further insight on content to enhance content marketing endeavors. Sites like BuzzSumo and Google’s Keyword Planner are great places to start.

There are many Social Media strategies which small business owners could deploy; this includes ‘Add This’ which embeds buttons for sharing on blogs as well as for tracking information. Such user friendly dashboards are beneficial to small businesses to boost their market presence.

Tip 3 – Social Media Trends and Topics

This is the era of social media. For small businesses to survive and thrive in the ever-competitive market, Social Media networks have become dynamic online marketing platforms. Creative new ideas for marketing can be implemented successfully on these platforms to attract the right crowds to your business.

Content development around currently trending social media topics offers opportunities for businesses to more effectively reach their targeted audience. Many modern web consumers constantly refer to social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to be updated with the latest information in the marketplace.

These social media platforms offer trending topics which can be easily accessible for web consumers and businesses. Trending topics could be viewed on a local or global scale depending on the business objective. There are many excellent features and tools to be used by businesses in understanding trending topics such as Trendsmap on Twitter.

Tip 4 – Deploy Visual Content

Good content is an excellent way to attract the right crowds of consumers to your brand and company. If handled properly, more visitors to your site means more sales to your bottom line. Successful content marketing strategies help to amplified your marketing results.

Visual content can be enhanced with the deployment of vibrant media options like videos and infographics. These types of media are highly preferred over text-based contents by many people. People are naturally attracted to clear, concise and colorful images and videos. We have also seen many of the social platforms increase their interest in video recently which increases your likelihood of getting in front of your targeted audience.

Visual content has also been shown to create better engagement with your target market. Getting your offers in front of the right people really improves your marketing performance. Marketers have a higher chance of interacting with targeted audiences through visual contents than text alone. The human brain seems to respond better to visuals over text information. Hence, it is not surprising that visual content in the form of images and videos capture a much higher percentage of web viewers than text-based content.

There are many excellent visual content development tools and solutions which can be utilized effectively and efficiently without incurring high development costs. I use Canva very often in my business as it allows me to create professional looking graphics very easily and quickly.

Infographics based on in-depth research are readily available to marketers to be downloaded and published as well. Many of these are free to use. Make sure you check the licensing status prior to using someone else’s material. Not all of the content is free to use. Many appealing images can be outsourced and added to blog posts to attract more blog readers, fans and followers.

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