7 Steps to Automate Your Online Business

Written by on October 10, 2017

7 Steps to Automate Your Online Business and Increase Sales

Modern entrepreneurs today must be passionate about their personal business venture to succeed as aspiring business owners or marketers. Learning to automate your online business is essential to your success.There must be visible and quantifiable impact on personal life and society at large through the active involvement in the marketplace.

Creativity is a key component for passion and success with modern entrepreneurs. There are 7 steps entrepreneurs could take to automate their online business in an effort to increase sales, increase their personal brand awareness and simplify operations.


Automation is the Key

Businesses must understand the importance of automation and how it can be used to create more success in the marketplace. This would lead to the use of fewer resources and lower costs in effective marketing and management. Automation in businesses is the key to creating awesome companies that deploy the best technologies to bring in optimal results and rewards.


It is hard for many partnerships to survive in a competitive market today; hence, it is not surprising to note the increase in the number of business entrepreneurs or solo online business owners and marketers. Business automation becomes a key factor for survival in a harsh market with bigger players.

An automated online business can be part of every entrepreneur’s formula for success. If the system is properly set up and executed, it can provide a great source of passive income. There are 7 steps in automating an online business successfully to enjoy long lasting results.

Step 1 – Building a WordPress Website

WordPress is well known for its dynamic content management system (CMS) which offers the best of contents and structures to build a flexible and responsive website. This is a free and secure platform which benefits aspiring entrepreneurs perfectly. It is easy to customize for incorporating the right automation tips to the business site to ensure smooth operations.

There are plenty of relevant professional and appealing WordPress themes for a fast and responsive website. The right choice ensures the website will be search engine friendly with airtight security and instant updates through state-of-the-art frameworks. Every setup in WordPress is integrated to ensure a fast setup without calling the developer. This accounts for savings in time and money for an entrepreneur who is likely to be limited in funds.

Step 2 – Building a Dynamic Email List

With a dynamic WordPress website, an online business must be prepared to draw in potential business leads through the power of email marketing. This versatile marketing tool is powerful way to reach your preferred target audience.

Every online entrepreneur business venture needs a dynamic and vibrant email list to grow and be recognized in the marketplace.  A strong and growing email list must be developed constantly through all forms of networking opportunities. Automation is an excellent way to build the email list quickly and constantly. Being able to integrate opt in pages with free offers on your website is a great way to gather leads for your business.

A good understanding of the needs and expectations of targeted audiences would help the entrepreneur identify the right niche markets to grow their company and business.

Step 3 – Write Compelling Content

Entrepreneurs need to provide compelling content which will captivate their preferred audience. This allows the entrepreneur an opportunity to grow sales and profits. Good content is highly sought after especially if there is true value incorporated into that content. Content must also be well written to be interesting and appealing to the targeted readership.

Evergreen content is highly desired as this type of content is timeless and can be reused or modified over time to remain relevant to web consumers. This would draw new traffic to the business site or blog to grow the email list.

Step 4 – Building Strong Social Media Profiles

A strong social media profile is essential for a successful online business. In today’s marketplace it is vital that you Brand Yourself. Professional and positive branding is critical to long term success in many markets. It is important to be consistent. Every social media profile could be a landing page to promote the brand and business which must be impressive to web visitors. Proper automation of your social media profile can set the entrepreneur on the right path to attract potential business leads as customers.

Step 5 – Synchronize Blog or Website

New articles or interesting content could be automatically added as social share buttons which make them more easily accessible by web readers.  A blog broadcast could be activated automatically with new blogs where dynamic newsletters and business offers can be broadcast to potential customers on the email list. There are numerous automated systems that allow you to share your content across multiple platforms at the same time. You can even schedule posts ahead of time so that you do not have to be actively engaged in your business every day. These tools are essential if you are truly looking to create time freedom from your business.

Step 6 – Analyze Competitors

There are always challenges to an online business. Entrepreneurs must obtain relevant insights into competitors’ success and marketing strategies. Understanding what is working now in the marketplace can give you the added edge. This could involve advertising strategies and campaigns which include organic and paid search as well as link building.

There are many excellent automation tools to research and analyze competitors’ performance. These tools allow you to learn a thing or two from other entrepreneurs that your business could benefit from. There is no need to try to re-invent the wheel when you can just follow a successful path that has already been laid out for you.

Step 7 – Filling Up Orders

One of the more consuming business tasks is filling orders. This is best handled through a proper automation process as well. A lot of products sold require forms to be filled before an order could be formalized for processing and delivery.

These online forms are necessary to ensure a smooth process for the company, especially if third party services are engaged. As the business grows, automated order filling can ease the congestion of business operations and maintain order and control in the business.

A well designed automation form filling system helps the entrepreneurs become more efficient with more time to handle other urgent parts of the business. A fast order process for an online business is particularly an advantage and impresses customers who enjoy faster service with repeat purchases.

In today’s marketplace it is easy to develop and deliver a host of products and services without having to handle the product at all. For example, digital products are very popular and once they are created, they are easy to deliver and are very inexpensive to manage. In addition, many consumer products can be drop shipped without you as the business owner ever having to handle the product. This makes fulfillment a snap.  Your job is simply to find the potential customer and direct them into a fully automated system that does all of the work for you.


An online business can be highly challenging without the appropriate professional and experienced assistance. A good alternative would be an automated system which is designed to handle many complex and routine tasks of the business without imposing so many demands on the entrepreneur. This would free the entrepreneur to build better customer relations that would benefit the company and create passive income along with time freedom.

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